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Planning to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding?

A wedding is one of those special occasions where love ones play an important role. Any of your siblings, and that of your partner, are often part of the entourage, with other relatives up to the 2nd or 3rd consanguinity playing minor parts. So why not let your pets participate as well? You consider them family, after all. Doing so also gives you an excuse to hire pet photography from Perth or Bristol, which will lend a unique touch to your big day.

Having your pets join in the revelry, however, requires a different kind of preparation. A dog in a tux and a cat with a lei is undoubtedly cute to look at, perfect for a pet photography session in Perth, Australia even, but they can be unpredictable. So, before you decide to include your furry companions in the entourage, consider the following:

Their personality

Are your pets well-behaved? If not, hire a sitter who will act as their guide.

Are they especially skittish? Have them ride a wagon or assign someone to carry or look after them.

Are they easily distracted? Keep them on a short leash, as this will tell them to walk beside you or stay close.

These are just a few possibilities that you need to think about. Because your big day may only happen once in your lifetime, everything should be perfect. The last thing you want is to be photographed trying to pull on your dog's leash or chasing after your cat. Your pictures should be memorable and awesome. To this end, mull over giving pets a starring role, if they're not very comfortable in a crowd. Consider having them as guests, rather than as a flower or ring bearer.

The rules

Are pets allowed at the venue or the site of the ceremony? Would the celebrant even allow them to take part of your special day? It's important that you know the answers to these questions, before you include your furry companions on the list. In the event that pets are prohibited, you can still include them in other areas of the event, such as pre-wedding photography. By hiring the right photographer, your pet can be as much part of your big day, even if it's just on pictures.

If you don't want your beloved creatures to be outdone in the photo session, hire pet photography in Perth or Bristol. Hey, if you can have a photo shoot, so can they.

The outfits

Just like you, they want to wear something comfortable and fits just right. So, don't sacrifice comfort over style. Keep the outfits simple and the accessories to a minimum. Avoid anything that can pose a choking hazard. What's important is that they will look fabulous in front of the camera of pet photographers from Perth or wherever your wedding will be held.

Most importantly, let the guests know that your furry companions are invited. Some of them might be uncomfortable around dogs or cats, so it's best to inform them beforehand and avoid any surprises.

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