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Martins Kikulis is an International Award-Winning Wedding Photographer and this is his Photo-Blog. The latest wedding images as well as photos from other photography adventures are published here regularly. Martins Kikulis Photography offers only the finest wedding photography in Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire, across whole UK and is available for destination wedding photography anywhere in the world.
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Wedding Photography 101: What You Need to Do for Picture-Perfect Photos

It is every bride's dream to look stunning on the day she says “I do”. While it's the responsibility of your wedding photographer to capture you in the most flattering light and angle, however, you can also do the following extra measures to guarantee that you look your absolute best in every photos on your wedding album:

Choose the Best

Hire the best professional wedding photographer by choosing one who specialises in wedding photography and has extensive experience in taking photos of couple's tying the knot. Experienced professional wedding photographers have already developed their “spider sense” of knowing or sensing special, capture-worthy moments before they happen. Also, opt for a wedding photographer who knows how to tell the story of your big day as it unfolds, capturing stunning collection of unique, artistic pictures that truly captures the spirit of your special day. Ask your chosen photographer for samples or links to their favourite sessions. This will provide you an idea on what you can expect from their service. Moreover, make sure to meet with your picture-taker ahead of your wedding and tell which shots are must-haves. While your photographer already knows which moments to capture, you or your parents or your soon to be in-laws may want pictures of family and friends taken, too. In this case, make sure to create a final list of requirements for your hired photographer.

Perfect Your Pose

While it might feel silly perfecting your pose in front of the mirror, a bit of practice will likely pay off when the big day comes. Every bride is shaped differently and different poses will accentuate your best features. For this matter, try to perfect this famous Hollywood trick: try standing half-turned or turning your body slightly to the side towards your photographer, bring your head and one shoulder forward or towards the camera with your hand on your waist, while putting your weight on your back foot. This pose will make you appear slimmer and graceful. If you have a double chin and you want to make sure that this does not ruin your pictures, be sure to keep your chin up as this will give your jaw definition as well as make you look more confident. If it makes your neck ache to keep your head held high, try leaning forward slightly instead to get the same effect. Always keep in mind to not slouch and stand straight.

Another trick to flatter your silhouette is to push your shoulders back and lean back slightly on your foot. If possible, opt for standing in photos rather than sitting. But if it is necessary to sit in photos, always keep in mind to cross your legs at your ankles in a ladylike position that can flatter your thighs and calves. Make sure to practise various poses and find what works best for you, so when the big day comes, you will feel natural in executing poses.

Pick out the Colour of Your Dress Wisely

It might be your dream to wear that pure white wedding dress, but there are some skin tones that simply look washed out or too pale next to white. So, make sure that when you go shopping for your wedding dress, have someone take a picture of you wearing various shades of white, ivory, and cream. Take a really good look at the results before finally deciding on your dress.

Finally, remember that the best photos are those captured when you forget that there are lenses snapping away. So, have fun, laugh, and enjoy your big day!

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