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Martins Kikulis is an International Award-Winning Wedding Photographer and this is his Photo-Blog. The latest wedding images as well as photos from other photography adventures are published here regularly. Martins Kikulis Photography offers only the finest wedding photography in Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire, across whole UK and is available for destination wedding photography anywhere in the world.
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3 Simple Tips to a Unique and Beautiful Garden Wedding

You are planning an outdoor wedding and looking forward to a beautiful garden wedding. However, you are also aware planning isn't that easy, especially with the kind of weather in the UK. (You might want to inquire about Lauriston House wedding venues in Sydney if you're tying the knot in Australia.)

How can you have a memorable and unique wedding?

Ensure all the people you want to share this day with would be present.

Since you are celebrating one of the most important events in your life, you shouldn't let it pass without your friends and family being present. After writing, editing and finalising the guest list, you have to make certain they will be informed ahead of time. See to it that you order the wedding invitations well in advance and that they will match your theme and budget. Don't forget to include a map on how to get to the venue, especially if they will be coming from far places.

Make your guests feel comfortable.

It might be that some attendees will be flying in just to be at your wedding, and making them feel comfortable at the reception is important. Ensure this by coming up with a refreshing place to go to and letting them enjoy good food. If you are on a budget, there are ways to have a gorgeous garden venue by putting in some creativity and some personal touch. If the reception is in the evening, you can make paper bag lanterns as lighting because of their flickering effect and soft illumination. Also, see to it that tables and chairs are complete to accommodate all the guests, properly decorated and complete with seating cards. As to the foods you will be serving, it would be best to leave it to a catering service to lessen your load.

Capture the memories with photographs.

Special occasions like weddings don't happen the same way twice. This is why it is important to capture the beautiful and candid moments that tell your love story. By letting the lens of a professional wedding photographer work its way through the crowd, focusing on the flow of events. Other photography and video options include:

With your loved ones around you, great food and the expertise of a wedding photographer, you can be one happy bride on your wedding day!

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