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Martins Kikulis is an International Award-Winning Wedding Photographer and this is his Photo-Blog. The latest wedding images as well as photos from other photography adventures are published here regularly. Martins Kikulis Photography offers only the finest wedding photography in Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire, across whole UK and is available for destination wedding photography anywhere in the world.
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Don't Miss the Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Photography

Congratulations on your wedding! Finally, you’ll be walking down the aisle in an immaculate white gown with your groom grinning from ear to ear (yet teary-eyed) while waiting at the altar.

To make your big day truly memorable, hire a professional wedding photographer who can freeze your love story in time. If you’re thinking of delegating this task to a friend or relative who has a DSLR camera, here are some reasons you should never entrust your pictures to amateurs:

  1. Producing stunning photographs of the perfect moments during the most important day of your life isn’t as easy as it seems. Small yet important details that you don’t notice because of how busy and excited you are on your big day can be captured on camera by a trained eye. Plus, there are certain conditions — gloomy winter day, dark cloudy skies, poor lighting — that can be quite difficult to capture if the person holding the equipment has no experience or skill

Check out galleries from these sites to get a good idea on how big the difference is between pro and amateur wedding photography:

  1. Knowing when and where to take pictures is not always a given. A high-end camera doesn’t make anyone a good photographer, which means that you can’t be too sure if your friend or relative has the skill to take a snapshot of certain moments as they unfold. But if you hire a professional photographer in Brisbane from Honeybee, every crucial detail will be chronicled.
  1. There are different styles of wedding photography. There’s reportage, contemporary and traditional. If you want your photos to have a natural approach, then you want reportage or photo-journalistic style. If you want carefully directed shots, then you can go for the traditional type. But if you want your images to look like they come from bridal magazines, then go for contemporary style.
  1. Professional photographers can give you peace of mind. This is because we have insurance to protect us, as well as our clients, should anything go wrong during and after the pictures are taken. We also have backup systems and spare equipment so we don’t lose any of the shots. Plus, we can advise you on how we can both achieve your dream photographs.

All in all, you have to keep in mind that your wedding is a milestone that only happens once. You may have spent a lot on your venue, decorations, dress, cake and the live band, but you have to remember that all that can go to waste if you don’t have great pictures to look back on and remind you of how beautiful your nuptials was.

These options can also be useful in your preparations:

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