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Story behind the wedding photo

Sometimes when you are looking at some particular wedding photographs, you starting to ask questions to yourself “how was it made?” “what was happening there?” etc. Every photography has it’s story and I decided that time to time I could let you know about story behind photography!

Seeing my portfolio, people often ask me about these photos:

So here’s the story… I was actually shooting these weddings for my friends Kaspars and his beautiful fiance Zanda. It is always somehow harder to shoot wedding for friends then for people you don’t know. Anyhow, most of people I shoot weddings for becomes friends of mine. After all, there is something intimate in photography, especially wedding photography.

So, getting back to my story. It was really huge and long wedding.. Full three days to be precise! :) The first day was like an official part with wedding ceremony in church etc and then the last two days was about partying, dances, games etc.. It was very nicely organized and the weather was so fantastic, that in the end nobody really have slept for all three days, except taking a quick nap somewhere in the grass.. :) Sometime around 5PM in the morning of the third day still everybody was partying around and I was capturing all the interesting moments with my camera, when somebody suddenly had an idea that everybody who is still awake should jump. I felt that this might result in some interesting photos, so I asked bride to stand in the middle and everybody else to jump behind here. It was still quite dark then, so I was worried about whether I will manage to capture that, but when I came home, I checked photos on my computer and was just amazed about the result! …these are still one my favorite wedding photos ever!

Thanks to Kaspars and Zanda for being so spontaneous and making their wedding so amazing!

Photos by Martins Kikulis – Wedding photographer covering Bristol, Somerset, Devon and the whole UK. Wedding Photographers Bristol. © Copyright 2010 Martins Kikulis Wedding Photography Bristol. All Rights Reserved.

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April 30, 2010 - 13:56

Bea Sanberg - Hello blogger! Wonderful short story. You have gained a new reader. Continue this awesome work and I look forward to more of your superb wedding photos!

May 1, 2010 - 14:29

thelittlewhitebook - I had an email from Martins Kikulis Photography with these cute pictures. So I thought it was about time to start a new feature on the blog with guest bloggers from the wedding industry, and a huge thank you to Martins for being our first guest blogger.

Published on

May 4, 2010 - 13:50

Martins Kikulis - Thanks to Laura for having me as your first guest wedding blogger! I’m really honored! :)

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